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UPTET 2015 Syllabus Level-I Paper- Child Development and Pedagogy


Teacher Eligibility Test (TET)
Paper-1 (Level-I)
(For a person who intends to be a teacher for Class I to V)

Paper- Child Development and Pedagogy

Total Questions: 30
Total Marks: 30

Unit-1 (Marks-06)
  • Child Development: Concept of growth and development, Principles and dimensions of development. Factors affection development (especially in the context of family and school) and its relationship with learning
  • Role of Heredity and environment
Unit-2 (Marks-06)
  • Meaning and Concept of learning and its processes. Factors Affection learning.
  • Theories of learning and its implication
  • How Children learn and think.
  • Motivation and Implications for Learning.
Unit-3 (Marks-06)
  • Individual Differences: Meaning, types and factors Affection Individual differences Understanding individual differences on the basis of language, gender, community, caste & relign.
  • Personality: Concept and types of personality, Factors responsible for shaping it. Its measurement.
  • Intelligence: Concept, Theories and its measurement, Multidimensional Intelligence.
Unit-4 (Marks-06)
  • Understanding diverse learners: Backward, Mentally retarded, gifted, creative, disadvantaged and deprived, specially abled.
  • Learning Difficulties.
  • Adjustment: Concept and ways of adjustment. Role of teacher in the adjustment.
Unit-5 (Marks-06)
  • Teaching learning process, Teaching learning strategies and methods in the context of National Curriculum Framework 2005.
  • Meaning and purposes of Assessment, Measurement and Evaluation. Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation. Constriction of Achievement Test.
  • Action Research.
  • Right to Education Act 2009 (Role and Responsibilities of Teachers)

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